When you need to leave your pets in a boarding facility, you don’t want to be worrying about their well-being. Whether you’re on vacation, on a business trip, or dealing with an emergency that requires being away from home, you’ll want your mind to be at ease about your beloved family pet. Though it might be possible to have your pet with you when you’re away from home, it’s not always the best option. The majority of hotels don’t allow pets, so if you plan on taking them with you to a hotel or motel, check first to be sure they’re welcome. Consider whether your particular breed of pet will be comfortable with your mode of travel, also, and whether there is a possibility of them running off when they find themselves in a strange environment. This is also a consideration if you plan on leaving them with a friend or family member. Traveling with pets can cause them discomfort and stress. It can also be stressful to you, restrict your activities, and even end in disaster.

We believe Oxford Animal Hospital has the best solution for providing your cat or dog a safe, stress free, healthy environment while you’re away from home. We’d love you to come and check out our clean and pleasant boarding facility, so that you can relax when you leave your pet in our care. We have a competent and loving staff who will make sure your pet stays calm and happy during your absence. A veterinarian will always be available to respond to health issues, should they arise.

Pet Boarding: What Makes a Great Kennel?

To help you better understand what to look for when deciding on a pet boarding kennel, browse through the list below. These are the standards we strive to maintain at Oxford Animal Hospital.

Appearance and Sanitation of the Kennel:

A professional cat and dog boarding facility should be professionally sanitized daily to prevent infestation of parasites, such as ticks and fleas. It should look and smell clean. Disinfecting the kennels prevents infectious diseases, and stops the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Exercise and Play Equipment:

There should be enough space for your dog or cat to exercise, with fresh air and natural light available, at least a good portion of the day. Access to outdoor space should be accessible part of the time. Toys or play equipment appropriate to your breed of pet should be provided.


Security is an extremely important aspect of a safe pet boarding facility. Many pets will try to go in search of their owners by escaping their confines. Secure gates, strong fencing, and covered environment for cats, who are proficient at jumping and climbing, are necessary. If your pet has specific or extraordinary escaping skills, be sure to inform the head of the facility before boarding them, to ensure your pet’s security. We’re confident that Oxford Animal Hospital is one of the most secure places you can leave your pet.


There are many considerations when it comes to safety. Exposure to harmful chemicals can cause harm. Slippery surfaces can cause injury. Objects that can be swallowed, sharp objects, or anything that can cause an animal to become entangled, should not be present. Separate sleeping quarters should be provided, so that animals can feel safe and relaxed, especially when sleeping. Fire extinguishers should also be easily accessible in case of emergency.


Professionally trained staff should be available to supervise the cat and dog boarding facility constantly. They should know how to recognize signs of distress, and how to respond. They should also recognize symptoms of illness, so that they can immediately seek assistance from a veterinarian, if needed.

Please accept our invitation to visit us, meet our friendly staff, and take a tour of our pet boarding facility. We’re confident you’ll agree that Oxford Animal Hospital is the place you can rest assured your pet will be cared for in a safe and comforting environment.

If you have any questions about boarding your dog or cat, please call us.

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